Think of an application server as a GUI engine that is connected to a remote display with applications running in the server dynamically creating the user interface and presenting the user interface in, for example, a browser. A web server is limited to presenting static (pre-designed) web pages and is consequently of little value or no value for designing GUI applications since a GUI typically changes the look and behavior when used by a client. Some web servers allow extensions such as CGI and other means for managing dynamic content. These extensions typically limit the GUI designer and make it time consuming and difficult to design GUI applications.

Barracuda Embedded Web Server

You need an Application Server, not a Web Server

You need an Application Server if you are planning on performing any type of device management. The following list of articles drills into why you need an Embedded Application Server and why an Embedded Web Server is not sufficient for device management:

Embedded App/Web Servers:

How to cross compile the Embedded App Server for Embedded Linux:

export CC=/path/2/your/gcc-cross-compiler-binary wget -O - | bash

Online Application Server Tutorials

Try the online interactive application server tutorials running on a Virtual Private Server.